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DETOUR 15 :: February 2010

intro from mark wickman

moody blues / the best way to travel (in search of the lost chord)

booka sade / vertigo (memento)

the herbalizer / theme from control centre (blow your headphones)

boyz from brazil / hi-fi trumpet (the boyz from brazil)

steinski / hello big man (what does it all mean?)

rae & christian / ready to roll (sleepwalking)

air / californie (premiers symptomes)

bonobo / d song (dial ‘m’ for monkey)

lionrock / straight at yer head (instinct for detection)

moody blues / om (in search of the lost chord) [mindful mix]

mumm-ra / she’s got you high (500 days of summer soundtrack)

charlatans uk / patrol (chemical bros mix)

boozoo bajou / way down (feat ben weaver) (dust my broom)

dj frane / hydroponic jungle throwdown (electric garden of delights)

flevans / out to lunch (make new friends)

coldcut / boogieman (sound mirrors)

bill laswell / thunupa (sacred system chapter two)

9 lazy 9 / black jesus (zen: a retrospective)

thievery corp / state of the union (richest man in babylon)

mossy rock / vino collapso (zero to one sessions) [tues pm mix]

clinton / buttoned down disco (disco and the halfway to discontent)

rjd2 / here’s what’s left (deadringer)

crack the sky / flying (white music) [headtrip mix]

DETOUR 14 :: August 2009

alo / lady loop (roses & clover)

mr. electric triangle / magnolias (kosmosis of the heart)

stephanie mckay / jackson avenue (tell it like it is)

the meters / look-ka-py-py (very best of the meters)

little feat / spanish moon (waiting for columbus)

lulu / feelin' alright (what it is! box set)

kid rock / i got one for ya (devil without a cause)

prince fatty / fat panther (survival of the fattest)

emiliana torrini / sunny road [manasseh mix] (sunny road ep)

nat 'king' cole / more and more of your amor [bittersweet mix] (re:generations)

los aterciopelados / pendulo (caribe atomico)

david holmes / rip rip (out of sight soundtrack)

torpedo boyz / are you talking to me? (headache music)

erykah badu / cleva (mama's gun)

curtis mayfield / superfly (original soundtrack)

jack costanzo & his orchestra / peter gunn mambo (ultra lounge vol 2: mambo fever)

devo / that's good (oh no! it's devo)

scubba / paradise city [vibes edition] (bossa n roses)

DETOUR 13 :: April 2009

medeski martin & wood / new planet (end of the world party)

nickodemus / back from africa (endangered species)

chosen few / am i black enough (trojan soulful reggae box set)

thievery corp / hare krishna (radio retaliation)

mr. electric triangle / bosha nova (kosmosis of the heart)

miles davis / black satin (panthalassa: the music of miles davis)

mystic moods / cosmic sea (what it is! box set)

rico rodriguez / wareika vibes (wareika vibes)

gomez / army dub (in our gun)

cut chemist / (my 1st) big break (the audience's listening)

jammin' unit / 32 degrees in the shade [walrus mix] (deaf dub and blind)

queen vs satan feat pastor gary g / it's fun to smoke dust (dj

pop levi / dita dimone (never never love)

beck / que onda guero (guero)

karminsky experience inc / the power of suggestion (the power of suggestion)

stephanie mckay / kinky (tell it like it is)

marzebian / che lingua (turntables on the hudson v. 6)

flevans / hey mr. bundle (make new friends)

double dee and steinski / don't try just do it (who owns culture?)

john lennon / bring on the lucie [freeda people] (mind games)


DETOUR 12 :: January 2009

dex dubious / sweet thing (

gaijin a go go / tempura mental [ursula 1000 remix] (ursadelica)

dirty vegas / alive (dirty vegas)

kid koala / slew test 2 (you don't know ninja cuts)

chris joss / i want freedom (teraphonic overdubs)

herbaliser feat. what what / the blend (blow your headphones)

shirley bassey / where do i begin (the remix album)

southern culture on the skids / house of bamboo (plastic seat sweat)

the new mastersounds / 102% (102%)

james brown / problems (make it funky: the big payback 1971-1975)

jazz juice / too horny (freestyle singles collection vol 9)

nickodemus & osirus / free souls part 3 (turntables on the hudson vol 6)

gabin / the other way round (mr. freedom)

eternal golden void / the five pearls [miyagi mix] (docking sequence)

massive attack / blue lines (blue lines)

dr didg / later (serotonality)

ronnie hudson & the street people / west coast poplock (gangster boogie)

run dmc vs bangles feat eddie murphy / run like an egyptian (online somewhere...)

skeewiff / coming home baby (cruise control)


This episode is dedicated to my family: Kirsten, Zuzu and Oliver. We made it, and now we're together for good!


DETOUR 11 :: August 2008

ursula 1000 feat. kojak / arrastao (here comes tomorrow)

up bustle & out / aqui no ma (zen: a retrospective)

mr. electric triangle / laters (kosmosis of the heart)

charles wright / you gotta know whatcha doin' (what it is! disc 3)

prince fatty / milk & honey (survival of the fattest)

thunderball / thunder in the jungle (cinescope)

mr. scruff / sweetsmoke (trouser jazz)

chris joss / magic tubes (teraphonic overdubs)

nina simone / obeah woman [dj logic mix] (remixed and reimagined)

free association / don't believe a word (come get it i got it)

eddie harris / it's all right now (that is why you're overweight)

flevans / me and mr. moody (make new friends)

opm / heaven is a halfpipe (menace to sobriety)

diesler / lovestruck killers (diggin it something rotten)

antiblas afrobeat orchestra / che che cole makossa (turntables on the hudson v 4)

soul quality quartet / toda tersafeira (brazilified)

black grass / toys (black grass)