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DETOUR 10 :: May 2008

ken nordine / where did you go? (

the beta band / inner meet me (The 3 EPs)

chemical bros. featuring flaming lips / the golden path (singles 93-03)

cut chemist / the garden (the audience is listening)

boozoo bajou / under my sensi [thievery corp remix] (the outernational sound)

groove armada / lazy moon [horkheimer mix] (goodbye country, hello nightclub)

the orb / little fluffy clouds (the orb's adventures beyond the ultraworld)

air / kelly watch the stars [moog cookbook remix]

rockers hi fi meet ella fitzgerald / sunshine of your love (groove corp presents remixes from the elephant house)

medeski martin & wood / sugar craft [yuka honda remix] (combustication)

badly drawn boy / delta (little boy blues) (about a boy soundtrack)

lack of afro / mongrel strut (press on)

mc 900 ft jesus / killer inside me (welcome to my dream)

fdel / instrumental proficiency (audiofdelity)

jem / just a ride (finally woken)

jaywalkers / that time of day (again) (mushroom jazz 2)

black heat / wanaoh (what it is! box set)

jimi hendrix experience / 3rd stone from the sun (are you experienced?)

craig richey / DK 101 [dave's not here mix] (the king of kong: a fistful of quarters)


DETOUR 9 :: March 2008

rjd2 / ghostwriter (deadringer)

skeewiff / theme from dave allen (cruise control)

beatfanatic / cookin' (the outernational sound)

dizzy gillespie / manteca [funky lowlives remix] (verve remix v 2)

st. germain / rose rouge (tourist)

gomez / detroit swing 66 (in our gun)

karminsky experience / shall we dance? [ty webb mix] (power of suggestion)

the stovall sisters / hang on in there (what it is! box set)

plastyc budda / string vibe [ny hipharmonic mix] (turntables on the hudson v4)

action figure party / everybody ready (action figure party)

amigos invisibles / majunche (the venezuelan zinga son vol. 1)

rae and christian / get a move on (blazing the crop)

torpedo boyz / gimme a bassline! (headache music)

hooverphonic / mad about you (the magnificent tree)

aterciopelados / luz azul (gozo poderoso)

DETOUR 8 :: January 2008

club des belugas / hip hip chin chin (yaziko club mix) [hotel costes vol 7]

dj logic / afro beat [the zen of logic]

random heroes / c'mon and get it [freestyle singles collection vol 9]

pizzicato five / sweet soul revue [made in usa]

dj malente / boogaloo [the spirit of malente]

shirley bassey / goldfinger (propellerheads mix) [the remix album]

friends from rio / escravos do jo [brazilified]

morcheeba / trigger hippie [who can you trust?]

lyrics born & the poets of rhythm / i changed my mind (rattlesnake mix) [same !@#$ different day]

dj harry / shadows [collision]

rockers hi-fi / now i deliver [mish mash]

black grass / score [black grass]

de la soul / buddy [3 feet high and rising]

blockhead / the art of walking [downtown science]

DETOUR 7 :: November 2007

bebel gilberto / aganju (bebel gilberto)

mint royale / from rusholme with love (on the ropes)

adrian quesada & ocote soul sounds / ora como rey... (el nino y el sol)

emiliana torrini / easy (love in the time of science)

lemon / mission accomplished (lemon up!)

diesler / cotton wool (diggin it somethin rotten)

ub40 / legalise it (groove corp presents remixes from the elephant house)

john scofield band / thikhathali (up all night)

the meters / a message from the meters (very best of)

lack of afro / live at the club (press on)

hugo madoro / i know a little cuban (bonobo: it came from the sea)

dj malente / fertig (the spirit of malente)

the pinkertones / mojo moog (the million colour revolution)

joe bataan / chick-a-boom [chris joss remix] (ESL remixed)

phoenix / if it's not with you (alphabetical)

mc 900 ft jesus / the city sleeps (welcome to my dream)


DETOUR 6 :: October 2007

skeewiff / cruise control [cruise control]

dinksuoitinrev / wang doodler samba [turntables on the hudson v6]

z trip / listen to the dj [shifting gears]

lyle workman / flashback party weekend [superbad soundtrack]

cut chemist / the audience is listening theme song [the audience's listening]

thunderball / vai vai [scorpio rising]

rosalia de souza / maria moita [garota moderna]

beta band / the house song [3 EPs]

soul coughing / lazybones [irresistable bliss]

jimmy smith / root down (and get it) [root down jimmy smith live!]

nickodemus / mi swing es tropical [endangered species]

the herbaliser / the turnaround [something wicked this way comes]

finley quaye / red rolled and seen [maverick a strike]

beth orton / stolen car [central reservation]

1 giant leap feat. michael franti / passion [1 giant leap]